Shelter v19 - Burry's Tragic Barkstory and Amicus Dei

Awoo mates! V19 test build!

Oh my dog, that was so much work! To be fair though, it's like a double update of content and assets. I hope you'll enjoy it. You better! <3

> 18k words of new content

> a LOT of new visuals. But most importantly, two full new CGs drawn by me, with alternative versions. And a bunch of background edits

> a new epic music piece!

The scene splits depending on whether you still have the bomb available or not. Check out the differences in both paths, and know that they may hold important consequences for later.

Marry Christmas and Happy New year, you good boys! Awoo!



com.raus.shelter-release.apk 253 MB
Jan 17, 2022 235 MB
Jan 17, 2022 269 MB
Jan 17, 2022

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