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Awoo, traveler! Welcome to Shelter!

It's a furry visual novel about a bunch of those medieval fantasy dogs and a human who made their home at a mysterious, gigantic metal structure filled with futuristic technology in the middle of fantasy Siberia.
The game takes place during the preparations for their version of fireworks night, by using a life-force fueled turret of mass destruction. I swear it makes sense in context!

It's nsfw and I think it'll satisfy dog-lovers. eyebrow wiggles

I'm doing pretty much everything on my own here: designing and drawing character sprites and background, the writing  and background music. (although recently I found an amazing composer to help me <3 )
All of the assets in this game are Shelter-original and we're going to keep them growing!

For the most up-to-date build check out: https://www.patreon.com/raus where I post a few weeks in advance. It also gives you an invitation to our amazing Discord den where I post extra content and we have chill times. :)

SHELTER's Twitter account: https://twitter.com/shelter_vn 
Follow me here for the most up-to-date info on release dates ^

My personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/rausmutt (nsfw)

Shelter's FAQ section (I'll be deleting comments with questions already answered there, to keep the page tidy)

Invit Link: 
Be sure to read the rules, and welcome!


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,251 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Comedy, Dogs, Fantasy, Furry, Futuristic, Gay, Horror, LGBT, NSFW
Average sessionA few hours


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so cute. but also so heckin sad. burry has my whole heart, his route is just. *chefs kiss*. he's perfect. he can do no wrong. he's the goodest boy.

honestly tho, much love to the game <3 it's so well thought out, and so complex, and so,, everything!!! it's amazingggg. i can't wait for more updates <3

So what should I do? Whichever one you choose, you'll die.

If your new just save there and try both options and see what happens. No point in spoiling the fun for you by telling u what happens.

I tried both options and it still ended the same.

Saving thistle is the right option for the moment if u haven't done Max's route

Yes, this is spoilers, but the routes are interconnected, and break the laws of space and time.

Finishing one route will open up new options and scenes in another one, and if I remember, maybe even in the same route itself.

As if Luke is a being from outside of that world's space-time spectrum, which is also part of my big theory. And yeah, maybe Alon too... How does he talk to you when you're dead in that dark place?


I'm just thinking about how Luke uses canine empathy to make raw meat taste good to him, but that doesn't mean he can... digest raw meat.

Stomach problems uwu.

anyone have a full guide for Rune's bottom scene?

Can someone help me.... I'm confuse asf 😭

look for a column in the middle with just rice, to the left is a pumpkin and to the right a fish. hope this helps!


Can you tell me if there is at least some chance to save Cooper? I've tried it in different ways, but it's still a bad ending.😭

Is this sad and tragic?


Yes, very tragic barkstories with sad awoos

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Now I'm having doubt if I will play 😭

Don't worry I will try not to cry

Who's route is going next? Alon, cooper or Teak ?

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Alon or Cooper i hope! Fuck teak, i used to think he was hot and wanted to fix him but now i just hate him. Give me that Cooper route, i bet it would be a cinnamon roll / vanilla slow burn route, and im here for it.

Cooper has a route? Awooooo bark bark bark woof woof. He's a hecking good boy and I need to see it. Im down bad after him and thistle's scene. How did you start cooper's route?

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I'm not that much of a fan about thistle but each to their own.


How is this game so sad and horny? 5/5 for sad wank 


took me little while to connect the dots, alon is 

spoiler ?

an albino, you see red eyes, pale paws, runes junk in new scene was covered with black paint? maybe coal idk.



is there any actual sex scenes

aside from Alon's scene, I don't think so. But maybe? I've only explored Rune and Burry's so far. And it seems the developers are slowly adding scenes to route accordingly. If there aren't many now, I'm sure they have plans for more in the future.

ye a couple. not certain this is all so there is a chance there's more. but the ones I do know about is one with Thistle, 2 (3 if you count the dream event about choosing "evil or good"/between Rune or Alon) with Rune, 1 (2 if you count a different dream for him in specific) with Burry and the one with Alon everyone knows about.

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That new scene is amazing OMG it's so sweet and hot. Please we NEED a poly route between the MC and those two.


After finishing Burry's route...

I don't cry easily. I did cry twice, though! And fucking hell, I didn't expect the plot to be so good, the fucking twists holy shit just.

*mwah* cheff's kiss

(1 edit)

For the garden mission, what are the correct codes? I keep failing and I don't understand 😭. Alon gave me a hint and said "Chess Knight Pattern" but I don't even play chess!😭

You saying that just made me realize what it was. in chess the knight moves in an L pattern of 2 spaces down and one to the right for the garden

If you ever get that stuck there are guides online that gives hints and some of them give away the answers

how far along is it updated? is it route based?

They've put a lot in it so far. And yes, it is route based.


Thank you for putting a character's death in the dev log so I know not to get attached when I begin.


You're welcome!🐶


dude I've only done Burry's route and I was gobsmacked not only seeing the credits, but the fact there are OTHER ROUTES. There is SO MUCH GAME and it is ALL AMAZING. don't even get me started on the writing oh my god. EVERYONE ON FURRY TWT SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT THIS GAME???


honestly I can knot stand these jokes anymore

*deeply inhales*

*continues to sigh till the sun goes supernova*


Hey dose anyone have a code 


I love the whole settign and world building, also also I have a theorie:

-- May contain Spoilers --

So on the horizon was this large Monster which looked direkty at Shelter and seemed to grin, it was later revealed that this is the Collossus of Mozebuk, and I have a theorie regarding that: Alon hinted that he and someone else sacrificed alot and thus he doen't want us to continue playing, aka he did something very nice after disapering in the rescue scene.

I think that monster follows him, and he was in Mozebuk all that time and thats why it attacked the city, while actually seeking out Alon.

this makes my Teak accusation more plausible.. LMAO


I am ever so slightly concerned for all the people who want a Teak route. To put it mildly and nicely. Anyhoots amazing VN.


Problem is peoples only see Teak as sexy and can't see past that. 

I once speculated that there might be a final route, a fourth, that will combine the progrss of all the other Routes. 

Hi! I wanted to say that your project is AMAZING, but recently when I try to find The Figure during the sniping scene with Thistle, it seems like the entire game starts lagging and dropping in frames (???) for some reason. No idea if it's a Device problem, but iff this could be fixed somehow, it'd be much appreciated if I'm told!

and.. i could really use some help with finding the new figures.. hehe..


(1 edit) (+1)

W-wait wait wait. I just think back of one thing. The turret is projecting the memories of those who lives in it through the mana. But Max's route vision is not through Max's perspective but Atri? Does that mean...Atri and Max are one currently? We never see the memories through Max's mind but Atri's. So it could also mean that the current Max is actually Atri.


This VN is AMAZING! I downloaded it because I was just searching for good VNs to have on my phone. Well, fast forward 15 hours of gameplay later, and I AM HOOKED!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!



Teak was the one who caused the Shelter to malfunction and shut down.


I don't think so 🤔. The most likely suspect was Alon since Teak was out hanging with Cooper and fighting the giant monster.

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no but like- Teak was against the main character and then he invited Max to go outside the shelter an hour till the Skies Ablaze then just disappeared after the story when the shut down happened.

and i don't think it's Alon cuz his role was more of an observer and that he had all the time in the world to do it, cuz if you think about it.. why now? why did he wait for Teak to appear then cut the wire with Luke's absence? we knew Alon's the only one who can do that even with Luke's presence for the Skies Ablaze. It's why nothing happened when Luke decided to be a martyr and stay instead of automating the turret because it wasn't Alon who did it.. like bro is literally invisible to canines, so what more if it was Luke who wasn't even a canine but a human? and Alon also is just way too much of a dork to even do it.


Not sure about causing the malfunction but I pretty sure Teak was the giant monster. Rune, Burry and Alon all mentioned in their own way that Teak was like a ticking Time Bomb with not much time left. Teak is never mentioned again at the end of the game when Luke thinks about all the dogs that went missing or lost their lives that night. As much as Luke hated Teak, he would have at least thought about his disappearance. Burry mentions that the memory of someone he knew was being stripped away from him and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Although he never said who, that would have only happened if someone he knew has turned into a monster. And before you say anything about Burry's brothers, he only remembers them because he grafted pieces of their souls to him. Finally, during Cooper's failed rescue mission, Cooper was hell bent on getting over to the giant monster because he was worried about Teak. Then the idea of Teak suddenly left his mind leaving him confused and open for attack. That would have only have happened if Teak was the monster and had fully transformed. Causing the memory of him to be erased from everyone who knew him. With all this evidence against Teak, I still can't believe people are asking "When is Teak going to have a sex scene?" or "When is Teak going to have a route?". Having Max choose to stay at Luke's party and then yelling at Teak for idiotic racist behavior was the final straw that broke Teak and turned him into the monster.

Deleted 70 days ago

but- the Colossus on Rune's route was Rune's actual dad(the one that gave him love when he was a kid).. and he remembered him tho despite being corrupted and there's not much else that links them both like Burry grafting pieces of souls to him.. if Rune's situation was the exception and not the rule, then that would still change nothing cuz Teak might have done it after getting corrupted cuz i don't see Alon being the one who caused the shut down since it was implied that he was saved or "enlightened" by Luke alongside Burry, Rune and Max..

Rune's dad was never the colossus. I don't even know how you came to that conclusion. Rune's father was the Scarlet Plume, a bird like monster with red feathers. The Colossus in Runes flashback was killed in one hit, long before the Scarlet plume showed up. And I doubt Scarlet came back as the dragon because of what Rune said about how he killed Scarlet hundreds of times and the exact same monster always returns, leads me to believe that monster do not evolve or change shape. So him being a Colossus get thrown out the window. Now as far as Rune remembering his father, I think that their final encounter at that Lake combined with all the Magic involved and the stress he was under allowed him to forcefully break whatever weird mumbo jumbo magical hold the world had on him and allowed him to remember just his dad. Because the man is just literally built different. As far as the sabotage of the guns go, I have no clue. Teak is nowhere near smart enough to pull something like that off, but Alon is and I think that eye patch he wears to "look cool" is actually Ancient Tech that allows him to see Mana and read any text on any computer screens like Luke or Runes eye. Also if he didn't do it, why did he run away by the end of the story if he didn't have something to hide?

(1 edit)

oh yeah.. the plume bird.. overlooked that so hard.. 

i will read future update about what actually happened cuz it could either be Alon and Teak..

also, it wasn't about how smart enough Teak was, because he can literally cut the wire as it is.

anything is possible


That can explain why HE knows about what to do with the EYE


Damn... Thats duckin' true...

I can say for sure he was a complete d--k, like, if THAT  was his final breaking point I can say Teak was a complete hipocrite, He litterally Logged on Shelter, attacked the main Mechanic even if the guy himself did not had a f--king idea of what he was, harrased the main chief of social relations, got a lot of friends and admirers and got a big dog as captain of his party, and the jerk had the AUDACITY of get in the worst moment posible with the main dogs and the dude who LITTERALLY RUNS THE PLACE ALONE just to tell them, NO, BOSS THEM, to get the human out just because he got all conspiranoic

Damn, he sure was an ungrateful idiot, hot or not, he never wanted to live, he was just a spiteful bastard, I guess people who ask the Route have not made the 100% of the game

Teak was an obstacle at every turn for Luke, and even killed him in the training grounds if you weren't careful. Teak had an intense hatred for anyone who was not a canine, so all his hatred got directed towards Luke, making his life a living hell. Max, Rune and Burry never intervened between the two because of a misunderstanding involving Alon and Luke, and thought that Luke had everything under control, which he did not.


I so want Teak!!

Does someone have any advice on how to potentially invite him to the bath house? 

Because out of all of them he's my favorite and I really want to go for him Maybe I'm alone in this but I really want to try and turn this into a relationship and now it's not just because of his good looks.... I love he certainly has that and that is a little bit of a factor!! 😅😘

But seriously if anyone can give me some tips on how to move forward and potentially get on his good side that would be great... Also is there any romantic/sexy scenes that he might have I can work towards?

(1 edit)

Nope. Nothing you can do so far to get on his good side. He doesn't have a route. If there will be it should be interesting. Enemies to lovers would be fun to read.

(1 edit)

I  would like it if there were a chance to "help" him out in the challenge. He deserves a chance to thoroughly beat the protagonist in the comparison contest.  (Or at least have a rematch) 😁 (Also, thank you for this AMAZING game)

Deleted 70 days ago

Get 100% of the game and you will find why you dont want that

this is what ive been saying since release T^T...but i feel like it would be the very very last route to happen if anything.


I’ll come back to this game when teak gets a sex scene ;)


Awoo! Its aways happy to see this project having more and more content as long with more followers, iv been following it waaay back when it first start and was already in love it with

I kinda have some questions, i might know the answers tho, but anyway ,does cooper have a thing for luke? And theres any chance he would get a route?

Thanks for your time!


I can fix Teak


How ?

(1 edit)

Is he even worth it?

If you want him to change then yes

I agree with this sentiment.

So far as much as i saw -which isn't a lot actually- This game was pretty good. It looked very nice, with surprisingly good graphics and sounds.

All in all This game was very well-made, and i would like to thank the creator for such an emotional roalercoaster, It was fun, sad, and amazing. thank you rausmutt!!

Ok now:                    

                               !!!! SPOILERS !!!!!

Before this start: this is just what i feel and don't take it seriously.

Burry's backstory was very emotional and sad and i felt like i was really there with him. Especially the part when he found luke and then shelter.

I can't believe that i felt all of that from Barry's route alone played once that is, and i think i got a pretty good ending -lucky!- I can't wait to try the other routes, 

To be honest i really like Alon, but I can't shake the feeling that the blackout was because of him, was there anything in the - previously undiscovered (unaccessibled)- room which held the way to avoid blackouts that Alon wanted, why did he try to steal the access cards?, if he knew what a gun is why didn't he tell anyone, they are in a litteral meletary base they could have done a lot with that knowledge alone, why did he apologize to luke before disappearing, so many questions unanswered, 

but i like it, i will update my comment when i continue on with other routes. Or i'll writer another one who knows.

Now, remember to always take care of yourselves, Peace. awoooo!

小rune想叫自己slut,我立马就想到了Taylor Swift 的一首歌也叫slut,两者都表达了自由奔放的对爱的追求

(1 edit) (+9)

i need copper rute so bad😭 he seem so cute and nic

Is there ember powers now for max route?


Justice for cooper!

(2 edits) (+4)

Spoiler question (+request)

Is it possible to top Rune with it only being Luke?

If not, then any chance a variant could be added to it at some point in the future (not super important) o great dev. I enjoy Rune's route but I would appreciate a way for it to just be Luke topping Rune during the scene as it felt like it was them reconnecting after the whole bath fight, but when Luke gets taken over then he doesn't remember anything right? Feels like it detracts from the reconnecting a bit.

I look forward to playing the new update when I have time :) Acri's backstory is interesting and I wonder how it will loop back directly to Max.

(1 edit)

Does anybody have any idea where the mysterious figure is in the Crimson Royal Grove in Max's Route? I have been trying to find it, but I can't seem to be able to spot it. 

Edit: Also the hint that is given for it isn't really helping, at least not me.

Me too! >_< I think it's somewhere in the 1irst of Max's cutscenes in the baths, the 1ne with rune moon, general gunner, and the blue heeler, (in that room with white pillars?) as all the clues lead there, but I still can't find Alon :/



Thanks mate. I guess I was just being blind since I didn't spot that one.


No dev log ? 😢


Oh I didn't realize it wasn't published!
Should be now :)

oh nice I thought you would upload it and waited for it till now xd.

yeeey, new update :3


I need help with the Baxter rescue mission mysterious figure 

it’s peaking out of the giant door, near the center of the screen

thanks a lot ;)

Is it in the chasing part?, if not can you please elaborate it for me 🥺, im too stupid to think

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