Shelter v18 devlog - Baxter Rescue!

Awoo~! Test Build v18! With lots and lots of action!

> 12k words of new script

> Added two special conclusions to the Monster attack in the bath if you used one of the three special (easy) types of PIN combinations in the morning. So either four of the same, four consecutive digits or 6969

> On your way to the control tower, if you decide to check out the sounds and help the Basset, the outcome will be different depending on whether you had Alon in the baths or not. (A third possible outcome is planned for the future, for Max's route)

> a whole bunch of new backgrounds and CGs

> so many new sound effects. I managed to make my own "magic glass breaking" kind of sound effect! Among many other sound edits

> front view Alon portraits

> two new Barkest Corners

> additionally, I spent the last few days working on a censor mode to help streamers! The text censor is not thoroughly polished yet, so there are bound to be some words that should be capitalized but aren't, or words that get censored even though in the context they aren't nsfw. Please report all of those instances in our #bugs-and-typos channel on discord to not spam about it here on Itch.

> Also additionally, a new playtime counter I forgot to remove for public release, blep! So enjoy it until the time I reupload v18 with typo fixes for whatever gets reported today. The counter counts only your time spent in the gallery and in playthrough on brand new saves, so it will be accurate only for new players.

I hope you enjoy!



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Nov 20, 2021

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