Shelter v15 - The Marking Saga Continues

Awoo! New build!!

We're continuing Max's Afternoon hangout, meeting new dogs, fooling around with the old ones, and getting Max his new sprite model!

New content is:

> 14.5k words of new script

> a bunch of new visuals: new side characters portraits, mana vision version of the concert site background, the remaining animated mana charge animated gifs (they're colorful and pretty), Max's cap as well as his new ¾ angle sprite

(I also made five more alternative characters combinations of the evening kissing CG, but that will need to wait for the next updates to be implemented)

> if you progress through Max's Afternoon, you'll unlock the function of updated side characters name tags when they speak, for those dogs whose names you've heard at some point.

> "recommended" scenes completion order is hinted with a light blue font at the relevant choice now

> two small changes in the previously faceless npc breeds, now decided in the polls on Patreon. The Basset's crush is a Great Pyrenees now, and the only Ashen Tails member mentioned by breed is a Dobermann. Both of them have portraits now and you can meet the Pyrenees in this build.

To see all of the current content in Max's scene, you need to have completed Cooper's route (for fooling around with Thistle) and went through Burry's and Rune's routes to remember Pack Mentality (for further magic study with Max)

Awoo~! PS: Android users, let me know if the new countdown bar code works well enough for you. I just tested it on my kinda old phone and there's a slight lag but playable. If it becomes too much to overcome on some phone models, I may look into recoding it further. Also, the same question pops out every month: If you can't install/update it on your phone, make sure you have enough free space.

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Jul 15, 2021
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