Shelter v14 - Max's Afternoon - introduction

Awoo~! May Update! The first part of Max's Afternoon hangout!

New content:
- over 10k words of new script
- a new background, of the crowds of dogs gathered outside
- two new CGs, one for Max's flashback and one for a chat with Thistle
- a new original music piece, commissioned with your funds! It's the festival theme that plays during Max's hangout. I split the instruments to make it play differently when you hang out with Thistle :)
- a few new gimmicks, related to Thistle's request
- I heard you like Barkest Corners, so you have two new ones here!

Complete Burry's afternoon and Cooper's scenes beforehand to  access all the bonus dialogue.
Next month we'll be continuing Max's afternoon. I'd also like to make a horny scene with Thistle for that dialogue option "Flirt back" that is locked right now : ] I have some nice ideas for that.

I hope you enjoy!


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Jun 17, 2021

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