Shelter v.12 Awoolog

Awoo, mates! March update here! By the power of seventy five awoos under this tweet brought to the public one whole week sooner!

It was a pretty fun one. Plus it's amazing to finally push the story further into the night, even if it's all drinking shenanigans! At the end, we reach the last hour before Skies Ablaze!

New stuff:

  • over 14k words of new script
  • two new weapons pics (Rune's afternoon climax shows Luke's new sword now)
  • a few alternative event versions for the old backgrounds and items
  • one new CG
  • the requirements to recruit Alon and to receive the gem from Burry have been eased up. Now you don't need to have seen Burry's Afternoon to make him give you the gem when you choose the "Leave the Tavern" option in Mid-Afternoon. Alon will join you at the baths either if you win the coin tossing bet OR you suck him off and survive.
  • after completing each of those two mini quests, you unlock new choices in the next playthroughs that allow you to complete them early and without a hassle. That allows you to return the gem to Teak AND to recruit Alon for the baths in the same playthrough, which shows you a big secret scene in the Evening baths.
  • Changed the way SKIP button behaves now. Now by default, clicking it will instantaneously move you to the next choice but it will stop the moment you encounter a line of text you haven't read yet. If you have "Skip Unseen Text" ticked on in the menu or you press CTRL in Windows build, you'll be fastscrolling the text like in the older builds. I hope that will make it quicker for you to explore the alternative scenes!
  • At the last minute just now, added Gallery button in the in-game menu, so you don't need to go back to main menu to check out your TO DO list anymore. I tested it myself but as it was a quick addition, let me know if you encounter any bug related to that.
  • Also, this was supposed to be an April Patreon build addition but I realized that the public build you got now has yet another improvement. Now, all the choices you have already seen will be displayed in a bit darker color, so you can see what you're yet to check out. It would be too bothersome to remove now so enjoy this bonus!

I hope you enjoy it!

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Apr 16, 2021
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Apr 16, 2021

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