Shelter v.10, itch Discussion Board enabled!

Awoo~! What a month it was! I thought it would be a small update but it just kept growing and growing. I finished Rune's Afternoon, along with that duel with Teak.

New content:
> close to 14k words of script
> an illustration of fighting Teak in normal and Mana vision
> an illustration for a flashback and a sunset view background
> a new music piece, composed by our new music guy - Terrance!
>one new Darkest Corner
>a bit nicer TO DO list.  Now the hints for the Mysterious Figure also show a snippet of script from the relevant moment in the scene, so you know better at which point in time to look. Plus, finding those and the Darkest Corners adds a little gem for your collection. When I have a free moment I'll make them differ much more. For now, they mainly are helpful to show you which easter eggs you're missing exactly

The duel with Teak can happen only if you gave him back the Mysterious Gem in any of the playthroughs. Otherwise, you follow the happiest route of that afternoon, without that confrontation.
In the end, that afternoon can follow one of three paths with some significant differences.
...that, plus one new Darkest Corner.

Also, I enabled Discussion Board mode on our itch page! I hope it'll help us keep discussions tidier that way.

Well then, enjoy! Have fun!


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