Shelter build v9 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Finally, new update! Thank you so much for your patience, everyone!

It's a big, chunky update with 22k word count in new script (beating the previous record of 16k in Burry's update) and a bunch of new artwork! And TWELVE new dogs! :D I hope you'll enjoy it!

The main event in this update is Rune's Afternoon hangout. I recommend playing that after completing Burry's, because Burry's route unlocks a few things in Rune's.

You get an extra event if you have the Mysterious Gem from Burry in your possession in Rune's Afternoon.

Also you get some extra dialogue bits here and there if you participated in Rune's Mana research at Noon... ;P

Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(If you're having trouble installing Android build, make sure you have enough space on your phone. That's been the fix for most of the cases so far)


com.patreon.raus-9-universal-release.apk 125 MB
Dec 21, 2020 105 MB
Dec 21, 2020 123 MB
Dec 21, 2020

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