Shelter v.0.2.07 - the legendary Seventh Devlog

Awoo! Here it is! The new update! A few new fun things in this one :3 I hope you'll like it!

New things this month:

> 13k words of new script

>ONE NEW DOG - Cooper! With a full body sprite and a bunch of expressions. I'll post him here for LVL2s with all of his art once I get his armor colored :)

> a story within a story, with Shelter's TECHNICALLY first illustrated penetrative sex scene

> one new background - Cooper's room

> a few new expressions for the other dogs

> the first bits of implementation of a "Where Is Alon?" gimmick! In the older scenes you can spot Alon hiding in the background sometimes. If you click on him, he fades away... There are three instances of him hiding in the backgrounds like that. In the future finding and clicking him will have some additional effects and will unlock things...

Next month we're getting more of the evening baths scene! And we hit the final Patreon goal for now so I'm implementing the GALLERY to the game! :D It'll be in the next build!


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Oct 12, 2020

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