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I wonder if Luke will appear in front of everyone

Burry is Best Boy and no one can convince me otherwise. He is a big, fluffy, caring sweetheart and deserves all the pets and bellyrubs.

Max feels like the best friend for sure and he really deserves someone who loves him.
I want to get a Spray-Bottle to spray Teak in his face when he misbehaves, but I do think that him and Max would be a cute couple.

That funny banter between Rune and Thistle is also something that I really enjoy.

Alon seems like a good guy as well and I'm really looking forward to learn more about him.

Dawww I'm glad you like Burry :) He hasn't had enough screen time yet and I'd like to change that in the afternoon section!

The spray bottle idea sounds hilarious! xD Maybe eventually we could utilize something like that in a scene, one way or another :D

Thank you for your feedback! It's helpful to know what people think about the dogs :) *wagwag*

Burry is absolutely my favorite, but I do have a soft spot for big cuddly guys like him. And I’m really excited for the next update, regardless if there is more Burry-Time or not. :)

If you end up using it you are very welcome. xD So far the humor-elements were really funny and made me giggle (which is quite rare since I’m usually a sarcastic trashcan). 

This is one of the best yaoi/furry vn i ever played

Two question: Will there be Teak scene in the next build? and when will the next build released?

Rlly having fun playing this

I'm happy you like it, mate! <3

Teak isn't going to have a dedicated scene in the next build but he may appear here and there randomly, like the other dogs did in his scene. I feel like Burry and Alon need more screen time now :)

I post a new build around the end of every month for my Patreon supporters (last one was 26th I think). I'll share the next build on itch roughly two weeks after the supporters release. I hope you'll enjoy it! :) I'll make a devlog about it!

Heya hope u havin a good day. 

Just want to say, I really love this game, the art style, the overall vibe/atmosphere is really good, and im looking forward for the future of this game, atm I really hope we can romance Teak, even though he is an ass to Luke, im still drawn to him πŸ˜† and I hope there will be a story behind why he hates humans, overall good job and hopefully many more updates to come until this VN have its ending, it's rare to see VN nowadays that finishes their story, but I hope this is different cause this sure is something special.

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I'm kinda surprised that Teak is so popular xD I really expected him to be disliked by people!

In the end, he is too much of a good boy overall after all!

I planned out the Skies Ablaze in a way to guarantee that you get satisfying, self-contained story by the end of the night :)

Im sure you mentioned this before but is Time missing a hand? I'm really sure that he is, but I've had instances where I thought a character was missing a hand only to find out that they just keep their hand bent back. Also I are we gonna find out how the hand and his ear got injured? I'm not asking to find out now, I'd rather wait to play because this is honestly such an amazing game! I personally really like Teak, which seems to be the general consensus, and even if he doesn't become a romancable option I'd still think it'd be really cool to hang out with him and get closer, or maybe even play matchmaker for him and Max! As you can probably tell alot of my enjoyment from these types of games comes from the connection that I feel for the characters. Sure the NSFW stuff is fun, but the reason that I'm always drawn to games like your's is the sheer amount of effort clearly put in by creators such as yourself. You make me really connect and feel for a character! This project is just getting started, but I can already tell that this game will probably have some moments that'll make me so sad for my big doggos, and others that will make me squeel from excitement whenever they blush! I am unfortunately unable to support you on Patreon due to being a student, as well as the Covid situation. So I hope that seeing just how much I enjoy playing this game is ok for now. I'd really love to support this and other projects of yours in the future, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next update!!! Much love, and I hope your doing ok in these trying times. Stay safe, and thank you for creating such an awesome game!

You probably mean Rune, right? Yeah, he's missing his dominant right hand and right eye. We're going to find out how that happened and it's going to play a role in the future.

Teak was supposed to be just a side character but he's so cool and fun to write that he may end up with a more important role than initially planned :)

I'm doing very well, thank you! Having words of support and encouragement like yours motivate me a lot! Thank you for enjoying Shelter! <3

I hope you're doing okay too! Take care, mate!

Hey I was just curious, is there a guide to the game? If you want do certain routes.

The amount of content is steadily piling up so I was thinking about starting to put down a flowchart with requirements to unlock scenes and the exact effects of each choice. I'll probably share it with the Beta Testers tier supporters on Patreon. That's something to do this month...

Cool. Also I wanted to say that I'm enjoying the game very much. Rune is probably my current favorite.

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I'm having serious trouble with having to restrain myself from smacking Teak behind his big head for being a colossal racist against Luke 😠. Liking the game and want more. :) 


You actually get to smack him right in the snoot if you cheat at arm-wrestling! :P 

I'm happy you like it! I'm working on the next update already :)

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Oh, didn't knew you could smack him on the sniffer, but won't that make him dislike you more?. I'm so excited to hear that you're already working on the next update! Can't wait! :) 

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i cant believe that when a play this vn a would want to play it again good work.

Haha thank you! There's a lot to see on multiple playthroughs and some scenes are hidden until you unlock them :) I'm happy you're having fun with it!

I have a problem that Alon seems to disappear

Deleted 5 days ago

Fixed and reuploaded the files. It's all good now! :)

Thank you so much for spotting that! I reworked sprites code for all the dogs and I somehow missed Alon. Stealth is in character for him though! :P

Haha you're welcome, and Rune is awesome

had realized that issue too, dug through the files and renamed the images to what they were labeled as in the scripts

thx for the early update here on itch, loving this VN, the best of lucks

You're welcome, mate! I didn't want to make you wait too long :)

Thank you!

mmm. just one think i notice, in the scene with teak, the scar on his left shoulder just dissapear after max drop their pants. btw nice!!! :P

Oh wow, you're right! I'll get that fixed for the next time I re-upload the files. Thank you for spotting that! And I'm glad you're enjoying it <3

It is an incredible game, I really enjoyed playing it

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I'm glad! I hope you'll enjoy playing the latest update, then! I posted it just now :D Three new scenes plus one more in an alternative version!

will this have Mac version or no ?

The latest build v.0.1.3 on Patreon has Mac version added and people say it works well! :D I plan to make that update public here on itch on the 1st of June, in two days!

It's quite a big one so I hope you'll like it :]

thanks ^^

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This.Game.Is...GREAT!!!! I hope to see mooorrreeee

Thanks mate! I'm borking on it!

What time is the next update?


I do updates roughly one month apart each. Expect the itch public release it at the beginning of June :)


i really REALLY want this game to have a Mac version. :c I started reading it on my old Dell computer but it's not what i use most by far. Pleaseeeee lol

I'll look into that for the next update but I remember I tried to export an iOS build for a friend and I couldn't do that because Apple actually requires me to have a Mac to be able to compile those builds. Maybe Mac builds are different, we'll see!


Man, I can't decide who do I like the most.

I do like Alon a lot, because mysterious and a lone wolf which for me exudes the feeling that it's gonna be quite an achievement if I can get close to him. And I also like him because stealthy and I like stealth. (Dishonored - no kill and ghost on all missions) Though I don't like that he smokes.

I also like Max. Such a cute nerd. (I'm a technology - mainly IT and electronics - myself)

Teak is such a huge good boy. Though still hot-tempered. And what is his problem with Luke?!

I'd love to smother my face in Burry's neck fluff. Though I'm not much into big bellies.

And Rune. Such a hot muscly husky. Though kinda a dumbass in my eyes, but a funny dumbass.

Thistle. Nah, I'm generally not much for old guys.

You see why I can't decide?! They all have their pros and cons. And I'm still gonna give Thistle a chance. Though I feel like leaning towards Alon and Rune in that order.

And to top of my honesty I do ship Teak and Max. A small nerd with a big muscly fighter, yes please.

Rune...  drools....

this a very unique and interesting story with hot and well thought characters

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I'm looking forward to NSFW stuff, but I'd love to see SFW CGs here and there! The characters are so adorable, I'm sure it'd be the cutest thing!


I plan to do those too! Definitely in the afternoon when you get to hang out one-on-one with your dog of choice, after the tavern work is over for the day. I'm looking forward to those :)


will Teak be a romance option? I love his character!

Hey! I'm happy you like him! :D

I'd like to include some romance for each dog and the popularity polls will influence which one will get theirs first. Romancing Teak would be an interesting experience... <3 He's a good boy

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I have a question: I REALLY, REALLY like Teak. Is he going to be a romanceable route? Will we be able to romance him?

I'm happy you like him! The relationship between him and Luke is a bit tense but anything is possible. I'd like all of the main dogs have some romance scenes and it'll depend on popularity polls on Patreon who will get them sooner.

Personally I'm excited for Teak's romance scenes too exactly because there's conflict between him and Luke. That will be interesting. And I'm sure  it would be worth it to give him a chance :)


Why the conflict though? Teak comes off as an asshole to the MC, without MC doing anything to him, he also seem to have a problem with humans in general. (he's a bit speciesist if you ask me...) 

That's something to find out :)

Teak is a good boy, though!


I hope so. 

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Could someone tell me how does downloading updates work? (I'm a beginner on this website) bc when someone release a update on some vn I end up uninstalling the whole game and reinstalling it again. There must be easier and less problematic way to install updates. Right? (pls send help) 

Hey there! I'm still at the early stages of development so please do it like you've been doing for now. Especially since this build's content starts before the events of the first one anyway.

So for this demo I recommend uninstalling the old one. Sorry for the inconvenience! I'm sure I'll figure out a more convenient way once we get more content and the updates don't alternate the code so much. It's still a learning process to me too :)

I meen... I'm ok with uninstalling and reinstalling, bc I literally forget about everything in my life, so refreshing my memories with replaying especially this vn is actually good, bc it's new, cute and amazing✨🌼

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Seriously, the more I play Shelter the more I love it! 

I laughed a lot with Rune lol he is a dork, damn I love him! He is my favorite:3 Max and Teak are so cute too and I absolutely love their attitude ^w^

Oh and the musical instrument thing got me nervous AF lol

You are doing a great job :3 keep it up!


Hahaha I love Rune too! And it looks like generally he's people's favorite because I'm currently hosting a popularity poll on Patreon to decide which dog will get some bonus dirty artworks and he's winning by a landslide xD Look forward to that!

I'm happy you enjoy it. I hope you'll stay for more :)

Well I'm not surprised he is winning hahaha I mean he is cute, sexy and funny, the absolute best!

And I really love shelter so yeah I'll stay until the end ;3

Very nice VN. Looking forward to continue reading. Thumbs up.

Maybe a Spoiler:
One should not beat dogs, soooo glowing undercarriage became visible :p 


*thumbs up back*

Good job on finding the "Easter eggs"! :3


For being your first visual novel its reeeeeealy well make good job

Thank you! I'm doing my best and having a lot of fun with it! :)

When is the next update coming out? btw you're doing an amazing job, keep the hard work, already in love with the SBernard..  ;3


Hey mate! I already posted the new build on Patreon a couple days ago.  Gonna make it available to the public next week on May 8th and I'm gonna make a devlog about that here on itch so you'll surely not miss it! :)

In the meantime I'm already working on the even newer build for the end of May! The build that goes public next week has vastly more content than the very first demo but it's much less lewd (only one explicit dog dong situation/artwork in like 40min of content) so I'll want to spice it up a little again for the build afterward ;)

Either way, I hope you'll enjoy the 8th of May demo! Two new characters, new music, animated main menu screen and every main dog gets some spotlight since this is the proper introduction scene. Introductions are the hardest but I hope I managed to make it fun and entertaining!


Just letting you know I decided to make it public a bit earlier. Today :D

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Rune is my favorite and I love how mysterious Alon is <3 I'm so looking forward for the next update ^Ο‰^

I absolutely love shelter! Keep it up!


Haha thank you! We're barely starting :D  I'm working hard to deliver the next build asap!  I'm almost done :) Rune has a few fun moments in it and Alon has a few more lines too! (but still mysterious~)

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This is sooooooo good. I CAN'T wait to see all of it. I'm wondering... are the updates going to be every month? 🌼

PS: Rune is super cute. I hope to see him in the next parts as someone close. ~❀️

I'm aiming for monthly updates, yeah! :D 

Rune is among my favorites too <3 He has some parts in the next update but you'll get to hang out with him more in the afternoon and in the evening.


Liked it a lot.

But how do I unlock the first option at the start? I unlocked the nap but not the prospects one ... I tried all options avaiable, but no combination unlocked it. Unavailable yet or some sort of bug?

Android version

Yeah, it's unavailable in that first demo, just a placeholder. I'm working on that scene as a part of the next update :) I had to draw a couple more characters and their expressions for that one. It'll have a Tosa Inu dog and a Dachshund in it.

Oooooh, got it hahaha 

I has my suspicions :P

Oh, Something I got intrigued... Their dicks will be human or dog? 😢


All of the dogs have dog dongs. But later down the road I'm thinking about adding an optional human dongs setting if people were interested ^^

Hmm K πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I would prefer the dog ones.  The knot part got me intrigued...

Hm, so that means it *is* unlockable now in the current update?

I'm implementing it right now so you can see it in the update that I'm going to share at the beginning of June.

It turned out much bulkier than I initially thought and I think you guys will like it :)

loveee ittt

It looks super promising! It's always nice to see a new VN :)

Wow the expensiveness in this game is terrific! So much expressions for every character with a wide array of emotions!

Also, when the background changed and everyone was looking at you...I was not expecting that, gave me the shivers haha! 

Great work, definitely excited to see more!

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Thank you! Expressions are my favorite thing to draw :D I want each dog to have a bunch of them <3 And the changing expressions in the background characters was something I came up with at the last minute but it's super effective and fairly easy to implement so I'm gonna see what else I can do with it!

Just finished the demo and all im gonna say that this is promising and good, hope to see more of this, good luck!

Thank you, mate! I hope you'll like the continuation :)

Will there be an option for what type of private area you want? Like the players preference?


Like, between a dog dong and a human dong for the dogs? I was thinking about that, yeah! For now I'm progressing the game with all the dogs canonically having dog dongs in script and art. However I set it as my final Patreon goal that I would add a human dong option in the game, and that would make all the dogs have human dongs like Burry in his dream sequence, both in script and art. I don't know if I'll ever reach that goal, but if I do, I think that will be what you want :)

...btw, can I say "dong" here on itch?

(0.01 version): That bonus route tho, I hope you make it canon. This was very promising start, definitely keeping my eye on this gem. 

Thank you! Making that route was so fun that I'll probably make more of those optional dream sequences <3 Maybe the exact dream you get will depend on the choices you make beforehand.

What bonus route?

See both endings to "Join conversation about weapons" to unlock o.o/

Please add a Doberman or a Rottweiler as one of the romanceable love interests! :)


I just finished a poll for the last doggo character yesterday and I had both a Dobbie and Rotty there but a Tosa Inu won in the end. But hey, I'll probably need more characters in the future so I feel we'll see a Dobbie eventually! :D

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When talking about adding dog breeds. It would have been fun to have a Standard poodle in phantom colloring that is technically and can fix damaged electronics for example. Poodles is one if not the smartest of dog breeds. If you need a tinkerer that's is. 

He can have simple kennel utility clip / cut, it is essentially a short cut. Please google phantom poodle and look if it is something you are up for. My phantom poodle can step in as a model if you want. 

Mine poodle is always happy, inventing humorous things, and never angry. He is silly (in a fun way). 

This is just an Idea. It's your story so.. 


Thank you for your offer but I already have enough characters that need proper screen time and the mechanic's role is covered by Max. I prefer to first give enough screen time to all the dogs that we already have before I get to making more :) Thank you though, I'll keep that breed in mind for the future polls!

is there more ?

There's going to be. I'm working on it every day to upload the next demo asap :)

cool i can wait 

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Wow it so cool and nice furry game,  I can't wait for update it game

I love it game 

Thank you so much! I'm happy you like it! I'm working on the next build! :D

Fighting πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻


Just got a chance to try it out, and I'm loving how expressive you made the Dogs! I'm sure it took a lot of work, but the results really shine through! Can't wait to see the rest of the potential doggo boyfriends.

Thank you! Making expressions for the dogs is something I enjoy the most and I want to make a bunch of them! I hope you'll like the rest of the doggos :)

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this vn is awesome. the story is awesome too i can't wait for another update.

*wagwagwag* Thank you! I'm working on the actual introduction now so you'll get a little more context! :D

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