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Hey, how do I update my game with the most recent and not lose any progress? I do not know if that is an issue in the first place but I know almost 0 about this and updating my other VN in general. I do not know if I have to move stuff from one file to another or if I just get a whole new file and if that will make me lose progress.

and I'm aware this novel is somewhat different from others as I have to go through different routes to change or unlock things in other routes or on second runs. This makes me ask the advice for this one even more as I don't even remember what I need to go through for the unlocks anymore.

When a new update has come out and I have to download it again, I just download the newest build while leaving the older build on the device, check to see if my progress has transferred over, then delete the old build. Ex: Download v26 while v25 is still on the device. Open v26 and check saves, unlocks, CGs, and Barkest Corners. Once you see they are all there, delete v25. Hope this helps!

Hey, How do i pass the canine mana control test? I am suposed to Just click faster? (English its my 2 lenguange so sorry if it is bad rn)

Kind of? You really have to click at the right time. (When the bar is almost out)

And your English is pretty good!

I need to ask is it 64 bit only now? I can't play if that's the case

Yeah it is. Android build works great if you have a phone

I can't even do that. It just keeps crashing at the start

*blep* doggos <3


okay imma be dumb, but whats the last coordinate for Rune route. I cant seem to get the last one

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Hint: Bottom right quadrant, diagonal from you(Luke).

Do you have a hint on the eye how do you get it to work?

If you’re trying to get it to work, maybe bring Alon with you? And make sure the eye doesn’t break on you! ;3

Is there just currently one sex scene in this game?

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There are technically multiple, but only one complete ending with Burry. Raus is working on the next complete ending with Rune.


What's the pin code for the bomb in the first part?


It's your own code, you can enter any 4 digit number. :)

i've heard in a previous comment that there was a comic about it on patreon but i didn't see it among the various level, and i would like to know beforehand. can anyone tell me more about it?


I almost wish that there was cg hints in the 'to do' section, since so far I have every cg unlocked except for the second amicus dei one and I'm really not sure what I should be doing differently. (Hiding the image since it's a great moment and I don't want to be the one to spoil it for someone.)


To get the other CG I believe you need to not have/use the bomb while on top of Shelter


We'll bang okay, lol hahahahahaha Rune's embers and arts have the best names


Oh my God, the cuteness factor of Burry and his brothers is over 9,000!!!!!!


Thanks for the Happy birthday message lol :)

Awoo~ where's the third mysterious figure? I click everyone and still nothing happened :p

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Are you in the computer room, where you set Skies Ablaze to auto? (You should be in mana vision)

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Awoo~ I can't find the fourth mysterious figure in Burry's kitchen in late afternoon, please help me

I would look closely at the background! Maybe look by the ovens? ;3


Oh, I found it!



Is it possible to save all dogs in Rune's night? If yes, how?


Currently, no. I am pretty sure the [Inspire] option when you first meet with Rune’s class (After the blackout) has something to do with it, but for now it does nothing…

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how do i survive the rooftop fight with the monsters after falling off of shelter how long do i have to hold on remane clam untill help comes

Try clicking at the last possible second. Also save right before that scene. That helped me the most.

ok will try that

dose anyone have save file for the fight after the QTE where luke is saved 

i have never been good at QTE's that are fast and i realy want  to see waht happens you can you help me

What does cg mean?

It stands for “Computer Graphic”. All it really is is a specifically drawn scene by the creator or artist, instead of using the character sprites and backgrounds. The Event tab in Shelter are all CGs.

Awoo mates!

So... does anyone know if this is only the v24 without the 32bit version, or will I now have to sell my kidney to buy new hardware to continue reading?

I just... really need to know what to prepare for. I'm too knotted to the Shelter, and I'm not ready to lose it just like that!

Hey mate, apparently the most up-to-date version of renpy (my engine) dropped 32bit support. If you have an android phone, play Shelter there. My android build is pretty great :)


... I see.

Thanks for the reply, this question has been bugging me for too long, but I guess I would have found out the truth sooner or later.

And thank you so much for this wonderful story!

Awooo mate how can i defeat teak in rune's training?

Pretty sure you can't,  you either lose and live or lose and die

Ow that sucks i wan't to beat him so he owe me 😂😂😂


That would be cool, need more practice first.

How do we get to teak route?

There is no route for Teak. There are Burry’s (Finished), Rune’s (Currently being worked on), and Max’s. But you can also flirt and maybe unlock something for Thistle and Alon.

Ohh aright I gonna try and find a way to get Max's

I can't find the mysterious figure 5  in thistle someone help me 😐

Read with Thistle and Cooper. Keep reading until you reach the quote said in the hint. “The pinkest pink he had ever seen.” I would look around while that line is up. Maybe somewhere in the barkness?


It's possible to save Diesel and his friends in this build?

Yea but u will lose ya other friend


finally,love it

How do I get shot by a dog?

You will have to hang out with Max and don't flirt with thistle

thanks bud but do u know to do the puzzle on rune route?


c8 b6  d5  f4 g2 

Hello i can you tell me how to control the mana in Burry's route ?

kiss him when you cook with him

ow thank you so much..😁 i'll try that 


v24 is without the 32bit executable, is there any reason for this

Should i download the first shelter or v23

I think you should download v23, it contains everything from the previous builds. Every time there's a build out, it only adds to what's already in the game. 

Build v24 is already out on Patreon, and I think it should be out for public soon!

Ohh okay thankyou very much ♥️ (sorry for my bad english)

I can't find the mysterious figurine in Burry's kitchen 😣

Someone help please 

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I thought I saw a smudge of pink frosting on the oven at the left...

exact location:

Baxter Rescue line seemed to be unavailable(Check out later). Is it a bug or sth?


I am pretty sure it might be fixed in the next update, or in a later patch. Raus probably put (Check out later) to tell readers, ‘I will come back to this part’.

I have a question about mana. If every species’ mana is differently colored (i.e. Canine is Red or Avian is Yellow), what color is Human mana? Or will that be answered in a later version?


i got curious about that too, it was mentioned in the game that Luke can't see his own mana or what color it is, I think we're still pretty far to know more about Human's mana. I also hope we got a backstory about Luke's hometown and also his parents. there's a lot of things left unanswered and I want to know more.😫

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Yes but in the fight with Teak it is implied that Luke and the Canines can sense human mana when it is released.  So maybe they can tell Luke the color.

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Can’t everyone sense all mana? In Max’s route, he says, “Take this!” after jabbing himself, but the text right after says “There’s nothing there, but I can sense the Canine mana.” It’s just Humans that can’t see it. At least from Luke’s perspective.


True they can all sense it. I maybe only humans see it as color? It may also be that you don't 'see' your own mana as you are already used to it.

To be clear, all species can sense it to various degree of precision, and of course trained magic user can sense the different mana in the air as Max does, as he can tell what mana is within the bomb just using his nose. Humans are the only one to have the ability to visually see it as colorful energy, and it is hinted that they have a innate flexibility when it comes to using it.

If human mana had a color, maybe white? because you know: white is all the color at the same time, human mana is about perceiving the entire truth...

a sum up of what we know here:


Would be cool if cooper was a romanceable character

That would be cool, although I would settle for just being able to rescue him from Teak stupidity.

Just wanted to say I have supported this game for a while and have been playing since V0.6 and have been really enjoying it. 

I am just stuck on one To Do - Check out the human dong version of rune's noon scene. How do you get this to change?
Is this option still in the build?

Yes it still is. If you haven’t unlocked it, all you have to do is decline Rune when he asks you to watch him. Keep declining him. If you have, just revisit Rune at Noon.


Thank you for that. I was doing that but never tried kicking him before. I have it unlocked now.


okay, I re-played Shelter. I forgot that my lovely Cooper is OUTSIDE. What's gonna happen to him 😭. Also I visualized Luke doing this pose when he said "I AM shelter!" , gives me chills whenever I think about it and made me tear up a bit for some reason.

Haha that's a nice visualization! :D

We're gonna see Cooper again. I'm looking forward to that because he's my favorite boy :)


I'm kinda late cause I've been very busy T_T anyway, again, Raus, your story is reeallly good, everything is superb. And we got to see Rune's and Luke's backstory which builds up and understand their character a lot more and I loved it! Also my Thistle, is he really gone? T_T. Sorry and I'm gonna say it again because I really am impressed and love Shelter. characters? 10/10 Lore? definitely 10000/10. One of the best story I have ever read/played ig. I'll keep Shelter with me forever I'm not joking. 😇

I would assume, as of right now, the ideal path for the Garden of Flesh scene is not possible without the inspire option, correct?


Any help for puzzle in version 23?


It's pretty easy and I recommend doing it on your own, but if somehow you still aren't able to figure it out, Alon will give you a game breaking hint during Coordination Barkest Corner, and that will make that whole puzzle absolutely trivial.


I thought you were just joking at first, then I saw how you could wait for the answer...


When going into this game I just wanted to see lewd content thinking that the story wasn't going to be good.

I was a complete dumbass for thinking that. It has some good lewd but the story actually got me invested in the lore. Which is rare for a lewd VN. Even the characters are enjoyable some more than others. The art is also enjoyable to look at and the muscles on the bigger characters aren't too exaggerated. I give this game a fair 9/10. I hope to see more updates and I might support it over on Patron some day.


Same here! I actually wasn't (still am not? I'm not sure) into furry either. I was just looking for a game with some lewd content, then I found this and was like "Whatever, let's just try it."

I didn't expect to like the game this much. I love the characters, the setting and the plot so far. The art is gorgeous. It's among my favorite games atm (and it encouraged me to check out some other furry games).


We got another one boys

What do you mean?

Lots of people come to read these kinds of VNs for just the NSFW parts, but most (if not all) realize that so much time, work, and very good storytelling comes into these sorts of stories.

Oooh, well in that case... check out: Sileos tales of a new dawn

and Minotaur Hotel. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Do you play as human MC in these two games?

Human in Minotaur Hotel and a Husky in Sileos tales of a new dawn.

same! I downloaded this just because of lewd but we got an amazing story instead, and I'm here for it! I really like reading and when I played this like way before, I really loved it because of the story.  the concept, the lore, characters, setting, everything is great! And also the SOUNDTRACKS OMFG RAUS YOU'RE SO GOOD IM ASTONISHED I REALLY LOVE EVERYTHING ( I hope you see this lmao). And now my first priority here is the story, and secondly is the lewd hehe, but yeah I really love shelter its really great would really give it a 1000000/10 ❤


This is really amazing game!!!

is there a chance we can find the route for Cooper in the future? its really cute of him to getting flustered when Luke is around.seems like he has feelings for the human~ it really makes me curious and wanted to dig more about Cooper now. So exciting! >w< 

Hey, in Burry route, there is this term: ablaze. I understood that it was a magical phenomena people go through under from what I assumed great stress and pain, given that Burry was considered gifted at doing so on his experiment subject. But what does it mean? what does happen during an Ablaze?

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