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What a wonderful novel! Finished my first route with the best boi Rune, and ah, couldn't stay silent.

I'm so glad there are VNs like this one.

The plot is indeed intriguing - feels like comedy at first, but as well as you delve into it more, find more Barkest Corners, get to know characters (Even Teak, for instance), the book suddenly becomes more and more serious.

I was just "oh, wow, Rune actually got a new sprite, so serious!" after some time through his route. (By the way, could we get to see and play around with this special sprite in the gallery menu? Sad not to see it there.)

I really like how the MC develops too. At the beginning feels almost like a placeholder with vague representation through CG, but as the plot moves forward, he gets more motivation and more description, more deepness. Delightful approach!

Anyways, can't wait to see other characters developing too, can't wait to see more Rune in maybe other routes, can't wait to see the novel to realize its full potential :)

If you input the wrong password on the bomb, it forces you to put in the wrong pin every time. Is this intended? I just wanted to know if it would lead to another silly, alternate ending.


hey if Luke was a dog what species would he be?  I'm just being a little curious.


I was thinking him being a wolf. After all, if memory serves right, Luke is supposed to be a name derived from the Greek "Lycos" meaning wolf.

If that's not the case, maybe a German Shepherd then (or a Dalmatian).


Cheat sheet: 









Ignore its that in case I accidentally delete my notes 💀

My coin notes differ from yours. Is it randomly generated, or is it the same in a different order?

idk 💀 but I do remember me outting the same ones per different versions 

Randomly generated, you can save between each throw at least in previous updates.

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This is super amazing the context and the plot it just super good (but I only played burry route tho but Idk it's still amazing)

Can I please name all the music playing in this piece? Or at least the one that played at the moment when they wrote to the main character saying "Finally you smiled!"

The Annihilation ending is so brutal. Like damn... Luke would of had some nasty PTSD if he didn't die.

How tall is Luke compared to the other dogs?


Just got kidnapped by alon.. Presented with the choice... I just
with this writing
what do i say

For max route, is it still in progress, like it just goes straight to the credits for me after the baths

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Are you using version 28, or version 29? V28 is the update that finished Rune’s route. V29 (only released on Raus’s Patreon) is the update that continues Max’s route.

Is there a sex scene with Burry and if thrre is how do I unlock it, i dont know what steps to do from the todo list. 

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Yes there is.

Scroll down. I'm pretty sure this question was answered here multiple times.

Use the bomb on the roof... I think that's what gets it.

Im trying to unlock rune sexy scene, but having trouble. I have give back the relic to Teak and got Alon to come to the baths, how do I make Rune get the relic during training and have it as his eye, that is what im having trobule and is there anything else to unlock this scene or is the having Rune recieve the relic and wearing it the last thing

Since you gave the relic to Teak, he will give to Rune in the training. In the baths he will ask you to inspect it throwing at you, you have to catch in time. Rune sexy scene it's way before that and isn't related

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Oh, I meant how to get Rune fucking us sexy scene, i already did the inspect his junk scene

If you already inspect his junk, just need to go with him for lunch before go to the tower. But it's not a fuck scene exactly 

Thank you for the help mate, but you're confusing a second person now haha. Read the latest devlog. I wrote about the sex scene there.

You get it by completing TO DO list, just like every other important scene in the game.

I only know the scene about the handjob to inspect cum with mana vision, and since he said about inspect his junk, I think it's about that scene. I didn't play the lasted version, so that must be why I didn't know other scene

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what's the code for the bomb? I've either forgotten it or did not know what the code was, and I wanna save ma bois

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You set the code when you deactivate the bomb in the morning. I guess you forgot it?

If anyone else here uses Joiplay to play Shelter, could you tell me if you are also having trouble getting the game to run?

Nevermind, I was able solve the issue.

Awooo :)

So, I've been wondering how do I save all my progress so I can export it later to the next uptade? before I just used to make a copy of my saves but doing so now apparently erases all my progress with the gallery and such

(Love this vn btw, so far one of the best ones out there)

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To make sure my saves are transferred, once a new update is released, I keep the previous version. After I make sure that my saves and unlocks are there in the new version, I delete the older. Example: v28 comes out, and I have v27 installed already. I install v28 and open it to check my saves, gallery, CGs, etc. Once I know everything is there, I delete v27. That’s how I’ve always done it, but it should save everything if you have previously had it on your device. (sorry I went so long…)

Wait we can save cooper in Rune route how???

You have to invite a certain someone to the bathtime

I invited alon but i din't give me the option or scene to rescue cooper how?

You have to not use the bomb and make the right choices to return where you were. Then Luke will call for Alon who will help with the monsters. Don't know if it needs anything else, I was just doing the to do list in every route and was able to call for help

I'd like your help please. I wanna save Cooper in Rune's route. So I've done the to-do list entirely (not counting all the barkest corners) and I still can't save Coope in the end, it says he wasn't in his bed and there were no traces of Alon either. What do you mean by returning where I was? Return where exactly? And how do you return to the place you're talking about? What monsters is Alon going to help with? In the garden? And just to be super specific you're not supposed to use the bomb on the door when escaping the baths right (I assume so)?

Well, one at a time. The bakest corners are important, some information you only get from Alon there. Go to them, especially the ones because of Cooper. To save Cooper you will make a path with some turns until getting him, you'll have to come back all the way correctly, choosing the opposite directions from the ones to arrive in that room. In the last room moving back, Alon will help you, since Cooper is down and you are outnumbered. And last, yes, if you don't use the bomb to blow the door, Alon will appear to help you, so he will be near after you leave the bath and go to save Cooper, at least I think that makes him stay close. If you try to save him without Alon, Cooper will make a sacrifice for you and die. 

Forgot the code for the bomb bc it's been months since I've played... I absolutely love this game though and I'm LOVING Runes route so far <3


hadn't heard of any female in this visual novel, like, how are dogs born? you can't just use the magic excuse to explain that, there's the word "daddy" in the vocabulary.

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I'm pretty sure some of the dogs have mentioned having mothers, we just don't see any females in this game because... fan-service? For some reason, every single dog in Shelter seems to be unabashedly homosexual and have rampant sexual tension with each other, with not a female in sight. After all, for all the great worldbuilding and story-telling Raus has done, a large part of this game's purpose is to have horny dogs talk about (and do) gay sex.

As part of the target demographic, I'm not exactly complaining... but it's very odd from a worldbuilding perspective. There are women in this universe, I guess they're just... banned from Shelter? Maybe it's a population control thing so Shelter doesn't become too crowded? Maybe all dogs are misogynists. I'm not sure Raus expected us to think about it or really care. Maybe he himself didn't even notice.

I'm only speculating, but Shelter looks like a place for soldiers and excavators to come and go so the population thing isn't really an issue. Maybe there are women, they just aren't really mentioned because it's a turnoff for some readers even though there are very few sex scenes.

Forgive the soapbox here... Yeah, there's a subset of people in the FVN community who seem to think that having a single female character in a gay story, even in completely nonsexual scenarios, is some sort of cardinal sin. I'm not exactly going to lose sleep over the lack of inclusion; a gay FVN is a very niche genre to begin with. It's not like they're meant to appeal to a general audience. But it's still kinda disappointing that some people in this community feel that way. Then again, sometimes works that do feature female characters (especially when there's literally only one woman) make their personalities feel half-baked and don't give them anything important to do in the plot. I guess if you know you don't actually have anything for them to do, it's better to leave them out entirely? I don't know.

I think your later conclusion fits best. There isn't typically a role for women to play in these kinds of FVN. If the sole focus is world-building immersion, then yes. However, I believe this creator is trying to flesh out characters they've already come up with and refining the dynamics between them. Trying to answer "why aren't there any women" in terms of world-building is a huge distraction for the writer's interest.

I can't really say I've read many FVNs with good female characters either. They're usually token characters that make rare appearances like Maria from ExcA or Cynthia from TSR.  These characters are a nuisance to the story because they often kill the pacing and they don't offer much to the story so it's difficult to justify them being there. I still like them, they have interesting personalities, but they could do more than just make an appearance, nag you, then disappear for awhile as the main story continues. They become bland and predictable, and it makes the reader hate them in a way. 

I'd say the better female character would be Virginia from Adastra. She doesn't appear often, but when she does, it's typically about her motives, her alliances, and her position as a woman in power. Personally, I don't really love her as a character either because she comes off as nagging you or her brother, but she does have some bittersweet moments. 

Most creators who make FVNs have the goal to curate a roster of characters to romantically or sexually appeal to as many people as possible to gather support for their game. As these creators are usually single in person, and often only experienced in some coding and drawing.  I'd say leave it to the people that want to make good, well-flushed out female characters that fit into the environment they've curated.  While it certainly doesn't do it justice,  it's best for the target audience that probably both want a men-love-men furry romance AND an interesting storyline that's well-immersed.  Therefore, male characters take higher priority to accomplish these two tasks.

I'm sorry, but where is the reset thing?

It appears after Rune’s ending. Alon will congratulate you on getting another ending and give you an option to reset your save slots (deleting them in the process). I think it only appears once, when you first get the ending.

I just did the reset thing, I hated it🤣 Rune's route is amazing and the ending is *chef's kiss*


60 hrs of playtime lost, but it was worth it
It was... really worth it...
.................Ehem! Thanks, Raus!


You're welcome! And I'm glad!
Even though I was clear I didn't recommend it haha

Planning to wait until I finish it then do it so I can enjoy it all over again. (Tormenting Alon into making cute faces is my personal past-time)


Thanks for the update. I like rune’s route. I think his back story is better than burry’s, even though I like mc with burry more (rune’s backstory actually made me like him more). With that, I must say I wish the pool scene was more different? I feel like it’s a bit similar to burry’s, but less impactful, with the empathy especially.

Can i get some help, i cant stop dying how do i win?

which part of the game you have trouble with? Paying attention to what elon said everytime you die helps a lot.

nvm i found out, and got that juicy husky meat


I just notice in Every route Thistle always die. 😭

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He is pretty old tho… :( dying only a year later if you save him…


Alright, here's the thing:
I will never, ever ever ever, ever ever ever, kick a dog in the snout.

I tried it with burry. Now I can't get rid of his ffaceon my mind after doing that. I don't recommend it

My older brother tried it with Rune and regretted it instantly.


I was playing this vn and doing Rune's route, and I have been wondering something...during the time he was talking to Luke in the bathhouse(I think at least)...he said he wants to grow closer to Luke, so here is my question...does he like, LIKE Luke? Just Wondering is all, it's okay if he doesn't

  I think so


how can l gat the nsfw scene for rune? for me the game just ends.


You have to take the eye-gem to the baths with you. Burry should offer it to you when you get ready to leave the tavern. After that, just keep following Rune’s route and you should get it. Key difference that happens is when Rune uses the eye-gem (putting it in his closed eye), and his sprite will show a golden yellow eye on one side!

I've tried yet still can't get there. Could you be more precise pls Im desperate.

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What part do you need exactly? Do you still need to get the gem? Or is it during/after a specific scene like the baths or the rooftop?

I managed to get the gem but even in the baths the playthrough is the same only that we aknowlegde the gem unless I miss something by skipping.

You just have to make sure it doesn’t break! Catch it when Rune tosses it to you! If you have done everything else, that should get you there! And if you need anymore help, just ask.


thank you mate i have been struggling with this!

just decided to delete all saves when asked and its both worth it and not worth it at the same time in conflicted. 

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"there's no hope for him no matter how many time you try."

Evidences are gathering since the beginning, with each ends. Its not just about saving all the dogs. It is but a theory, but i'm questionning if max's end will truly be the true ending of the game...

I hope not, I love tormenting Alon and I want Cooper snuggs.


That ending was wild, I can't believe I got scolded like that by Alon, FOR THAT 🤣 Still it was hilarious and the best.  But now I'm questioning what I missed...did anyone "take his deal"?

I did lmao

What was his "hand drawing" was it priceless? 😃

yeah it was cute drawing and a little info about him


Dang it!  Oh well maybe I'll go back someday.  My saves are a mess 😂

Say...I've been trying to Save Thistle and Rune's class out of the Garden but I can't seem to save all of them. I think what I'm missing is getting to know everyone's names but the Great Dane isn't giving me his. it not possible to save all of them?


its not possible yet to save all of them, you gotta choose

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does anyone know how get the glass eye to work when your in the bath with Rune and the others so you can give it to Rune later?


Have you tried to ask Alon for help? Maybe make a bet with him? ;3

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Maybe im so stupid, but idk eng lang on normal lvl. How to beat the end of COORDINATION, help pls.

(I know the first anwser is a C8)


Spoilder all the answer is C8. B6, D5, F4, G2




Just how to complete "Accept Teak's duel and survive" and "Escape the Gardens with the dogs from Rune's sword fighting class during Night's events" to do list? I've been stuck at those two so long ☠️


To survive teak duel, let the timer run out when the attack option is prompted. For the escape, I think you have to do max route a bit, then get to know the names of the dogs in rune's class. Choose fight till death or something after the puzzle stuff.


Thanks, i'll definitely try this.


Is there a way to "Make your spirit burn bright" at Max's concert? If so please tell me because i'm clueless as to what to do there.

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Currently, no… But when Raus continues Max’s route, it will most likely be a choice!


Is there any route for cooper 

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I don't normally leave comments here or anywhere for the matter. 

But my dogs! Continuing Rune's route at 12 am, with 75% volume on my headphones, was the best and worst decision I made yesterday. I literally looked around myself when the subtle, haunting sounds started! Genuinely made me go, "Hang on, what is that noise!?!?" Before realizing that it was a sound effect. Bravo! You lot spooked me something firece and left me unnerved until I reached the end of the update, hahah!


There will be a Cooper's route?

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Alright, so... question.
After I get the scene with the Turret, I have to escape the monsters. Then the only ways to get off the roof. Jumping. Or... certain death.
No matter what I do, I still fall to my death. What do I do?


If you're talking about the one where you have the continuous option to "Calm down", then you have to run the timer down, but click the button before it actually runs out. Do that a few times, and you should be alright.

*whines in dog* But that never works
I usually wind up falling to my death


Here, man, I made a video to help you and anyone else struggling. :)

(Potential spoiler warning)


I'm so happy, I could kiss you! (Not literally, of course)

No problem! :D


Very nice of you, Shadow!
Upvoted! :D


Thanks, Raus! <3 Thank you for all the awesome Shelter updates. :3


I think I got blueballed by this shelter update

Question is there a new nsfw scene with rune or not?


Not yet. But in the next build there will be! If you get the gem for Rune at least!

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